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Day 116 – Colorful Schedules


I am grateful for Colorful Schedules.  They make things much more easy and clear for me.  I really enjoy the process of creating them and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  It gives me an immediate overview of what is going on and what I still need to work on, focus on, fix.  I like using sticky notes because I know that if I have to make a change I can just replace a sticky note instead of having to tear my entire schedule apart and start all over again.  This picture is an example of part of Cast Week in Up with People.  I love how the colors make things instantly comprehensible.  In this case the yellow represents all the logistics I needed to think about, the green referred to anything relating to the Education department and the pink ones were exceptions or things I needed to pay extra attention to.  And in general the colors just make it all the more frivolous and fun.  There are so many ways to make work more fun.  I suggest you give it a try!