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Day 90 – Green


I am grateful for the color Green.  It is my second favorite color or my first one in the case that people don’t accept my favorite color – which is black – as an actual color.  I love all shades of green and I love how it can be so natural or so artificial.  Green is all around us in nature: trees, grass, plants, vegetables, fruit,…  and I love nature in all its forms.  The flora and fauna.  And green just happens to be ubiquitous in nature.  Oh how I love green.  It is relaxing, elegant, soothing or sometimes unbearably bright when used in a chemically industrialized way.  There is so much you can see in it.  I chose this painting by Joseph Marioni as an example.  His painting is simply called ‘Green Painting’.  And even though you might say it is simply a green painting in front of you, there are so many layers to discover, there is so much to see.  You could just have a green sheet of paper, a print out without any depth. But this painting. It’s actually painted, which reveals all the layers of paint and all the work that has been put into it.  I’m sure some people don’t see much in paintings like this and might find it too modernistic to their liking, but I think it is art in it’s purest form.  Now, let me end with this quote by my idol Oscar Wilde:

To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.


Day 12 – David Schnell


I am grateful for David Schnell and the breathtaking pictures he paints.  I discovered him last year in the Denver Art Museum, only to realize he was from Germany.  How come I had never heard of him?  I remember standing there, just staring at his paintings.  It was all I wanted to look at.  I just wanted to sit there and get lost in them.  I am so grateful for artists like this.  They make life more beautiful.  Or as my favorite author Oscar Wilde once said: “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”