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Day 105 – Aldo’s Guitar


I am grateful for my brother Aldo’s Guitar.  While he is studying in Vancouver, Canada, I not only get to occupy his room, but I also get to play his guitar.  I have been teaching myself and I truly enjoy the process.  I love to learn new things.  The fact that I have been playing the piano for years helps me to understand music, but still it is such a different process.  For instance, piano doesn’t hurt my fingers like Guitar does.  It is finally getting better, but the first few days it felt like I was never gonna be able to feel anything anymore with my fingertips.  Anyway, I really enjoy the process of learning how to play a new instrument and I think Guitar is a good option for me.  Just like piano it gives me the opportunity to sing and accompany myself while doing so.  It is also a great option to just play with chords, which helps a lot not only to learn songs, but also to write new ones.  I feel like I am growing as a musician in many ways and I am excited to see what inspiration the Guitar will bring to my music.  I obviously wish Aldo was here with us, but in the meantime I am making sure to take good care of his Guitar.  Thanks, brother.  And thank you Guitar.  You bring me a lot of joy in my daily life and it feels great to see the evolution I am making.  Thank you.