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Day 109 – Teotihuacan


I am grateful for the wonderful wonder called Teotihuacan.  It is absolutely amazing and breathtaking.  Being there gives me an inexplicable feeling.  It makes me very aware of who I am and what my place is in this universe.  Yet at the same time it also reinforces my belief that we are able to do so much as human beings.  Look at the wonders we created!  It’s almost incredible.  Teotihuacan also showed me my personal perseverance when I visited this ‘City of Gods’ (which is a close translation) for the first time.  This was in 2009 and at that point I had broken my foot.  From the bus I made it to the pyramid of the Sun, which is the one you see behind me in the picture, in a wheelchair.  At that point my determination took over and I decided to leave the wheelchair at the bottom of the pyramid.  I, myself, started the climb for the top.  On my butt.  My broken foot straight up in the air, my arms and my other foot pushing myself slowly but steadily up towards that very, very, very high top up there.  I don’t remember how long it took me, but I know that I made it.  There was no other way.  I would not give up.  I remember being up there and having two main thoughts, one slightly later than the other one:  Oh my God, I made it! I can’t believe it!  Followed by:  Oh dear God, I have to get all the way back down…  I remember being back down.  Broken.  My arms trembling, my hands bleeding, my pants ripped.  But I had made it!  I had climbed a pyramid all the way!  On my butt.  Yay me!  Yay determination.  The next time I went, about a year later, I remember climbing it using my two feet and just laughing all the way.  Last week, I was here for the third time and the place just never seizes to amaze me.  It’s such a gorgeous and fascinating place.  There is still so much to learn and discover.


Day 92 – Palacio de Bellas Artes


I am grateful for the Palacio de Bellas Artes located in downtown Mexico City.  It is a gorgeous piece of architecture.  And the inside is just as beautiful as the outside.  Not only the interior, but also what actually happens inside is breathtaking.  The Palacio de Bellas Artes is called ‘The Cathedral of Art in Mexico’, as it is the biggest cultural center, not only of Mexico City, but the entire country.  It has been the  scene of some of the most notable events in music, dance, theatre, opera and literature and has hosted important exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography.  I always feel so great just walking by and I think I’ve taken a picture every time I did, so it was about time to put one online.  It’s nothing new that I am grateful for art and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I am happy for a center that celebrates art.  I am very happy to have such a wonderful gift in the world filled with art and beauty.