Day 121 – The Sun


I am grateful for The Sun.  Besides being the source of life, it is also often the source of my happiness.  My day completely changes with or without sun.  Everything seems different.  The Sun has always meant a lot to me.  Not only to me.  Generations of cultures have worshipped it as the source of their existence or the highest force in their hierarchy of mythology.  As a kid I absolutely loved learning about it and enjoyed comparing Greek with Roman and Egyptian mythology.  There is so much to learn about it, because so many people have done research on it or talked about it.  Anyway, bottom line is that I have always been fascinated by it.  It even got to the point that I decided to tattoo one on my back.  You see, the sun is more than just the source of life in general, for me it means the source of life of my mother.  When she was diagnosed with cancer and her thyroid was taken out, she was completely dependent on medication.  Even with all the radiation she was getting, the doctors were afraid that she wouldn’t be able to make it, that she would get too weak and that her entire hormone system would get out of balance.  Before this happened to her, I never even knew about a thyroid and how important it is to our body.  Neither did my mom.  I guess I can say we learned about it the hard way.  So now, for the rest of her life, my mom is dependent on all kinds of medication to keep her body running the way it is supposed to run.  There is one exception though:  The Sun.  The Sun helps her feel better, helps her get a natural portion of Vitamin D, which gives her a lot of energy.  This always caused this personal internal dichotomy for me:  My mom is one of the hardest working people I know.  She as well as my dad have always worked hard and in doing so inspired me to do the same.  I realize now it has become one of my key values:  Honesty, Passion and Hard Work.  It is something I want to live my life by, but not in a forced way, it just comes very naturally.   However, with my mom’s health it was crucial for her healing process to rest a lot and to spend a considerable amount of time in The Sun.  Laying in The Sun obviously seems the complete opposite of working hard.  Yet I know how important it is, how much value it has.  The Sun is an incredible thing.  And even though I know it is her body that’s creating that vitamin, it is still being instigated by The Sun, just like it instigates the growth of nature.  It’s actually just a magnificent big ball of gas, still it’s nature’s work of art.  I am impressed by it’s invisible beauty day after day.  And one of my favorite things is to feel how it caresses my skin.  I love the Sun.  I am so grateful for it’s existence.  Without it my existence wouldn’t be possible.  Thank you.


What makes you grateful for this?

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