Day 86 – Pajamas


I am grateful for Pajamas!  They are so cool!  I love wearing them and I mostly love the feeling that goes with it.  Because, honestly, I don’t always feel like wearing anything at all while sleeping, but pajamas are fun.  It’s nice to wear them before going to bed, to get into sleeping mode.  You put on your PJs and then you get together with your family or friends to play a board game, watch a movie or just sit in the couch together and talk.  I guess it is in those particular moments that people would appreciate me actually wearing my jammies…  Anyway, they are comfy, nice and warm and in my case even pretty fancy, if I may say so myself.  I am very happy with and thankful for my Pajamas.  They are without any doubt the perfect outfit for a slumber party!  I guess now all I need is a slumber party to wear them to…


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What makes you grateful for this?

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